NOV. 30,  2005 

RDCK Board Approves Licence of Occupation

At the Oct. 24th board meeting, the Regional District of Central Kootenay resolved to sign a Licence of Occupation Agreement with the BC Transportation Financing Authority, so that effective Jan. 1, 2006, the RDCK will be able to manage the "Burlington Northern - Santa Fe Recreation Trail", from Salmo to Troup Junction.  This important step is part of NATS' goal to preserve this former railway corridor and to have it included as part of the Trans-Canada Trail.  Another step will be the naming of the trail, which currently has many names.  A trail naming contest should be in the works once the RDCK hires a promised trail co-ordinator.

Sproule Creek Recreation Trails

B.C. Timber Sales has considered the impact of a new logging road up Sproule Creek to log areas affected by mountain pine beetles.  They will be proposing instead to the District Manager of the Ministry of Forests that the existing Smallwood Forest Service Road be extended, so that the new road is above the Westside Trail and descends to cross the Taghum Wagon Trail at the 3.5km point before splitting up and heading close to the East Fork Trail and to Rixen Creek.

Spirit of 2010 Trail Upgrades

As part of Tourism BC's $450,000 Salmo-Troup Rail Trail upgrade project, all three of the former Burlington Northern trestles down from Svoboda Road towards Troup Junction have had their ties replaced, new decking installed, and railings added, as shown here.  As well, other trestles south of Cottonwood Lake have also been decked and railed.  We look forward to a grand opening at a date that is to be determined.

Bealby Trestle Opening

The City of Nelson has completed the reinforcement and renovations of the Bealby Bridge, which carries the majority of the City's water supply from Five Mile Creek, and now provides a safe means for hikers and bikers to access the popular Svoboda Traverse trail.  The trestle was originally built in 1922 by the designer of the Myra Canyon trestles.  The restoration came in under budget at $600,000, and is part of the Canada-British Columbia Infrastructure Program.  The project's original proposal involved the rebuilding of the trestle as a welded-steel structure. 

BNR Clean Up

A few members met at Svoboda Road at 9:30 on Saturday, May 14, until noon to clean up garbage with Gerald Vaughan-Irving's ATV and trailer while the gate was open.  The area wasn't that bad considering how much use it gets, but there were several larger items that were eyesores, just down from the parking lot, like a washer, a fridge, 2 microwaves, a bed, and several bags of garbage.  Pictures are available here and here.